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Orthodox Liturgical Links Part 3




Christian liturgical-musical studies and other resources

Prof. Peter Jeffrey – http://www.music.princeton.edu/chant_html/what.html

Loeb Music Library [includes the Laura Bolton Collection of Byzantine and Orthodox Musics; field recordings made during the 1950s and 60s] - http://hcl.harvard.edu/loebmusic/awm-about.html

Bulgarian Musicology – Online - http://musicart.imbm.bas.bg/BM-online.html

International Society for Orthodox Church Music – http://www.isocm.com New!

PSALM (Pan-Orthodox Society for the Advancement of Liturgical Music) -  http://www.orthodoxpsalm.org/



Byzantine Chant

Syllogos Mousikophilon Constantinopoleos [Friends of Music of Constantinople: extensive site, in Greek, with music in Byzantine notation, sound files, weekly Typikon and other material] – www.cmkon.org

The Byzantine Musical Archives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate (in Greek) – http://www.hri.org/E/1997/97-04-25.dir/keimena/art/art3.htm

Byzantine Musicology (Bredius Foundation) - http://www.brediusstichting.nl/index.htm

Byzantine Music Publishing House (transcriptions by John Velon - www.ByzantineMusic.org New!

Encyclical letter of Archbishop Christodoulos of Greece to Byzantine music chanters - http://www.ecclesia.gr/greek/Archbishop/egyklioi/ieropsaltes.html

Adamis, Michael - http://www.iema.culture.gr/psme/CVs/cv_adamis.htm

Adamis, Michael: The research of the Greek Byzantine Choir  -  http://www.iema.culture.gr/psme/Omilies/adamis_speech.htm

Analogion (Dimitri Koubaroulis: extensive audio and musicological resources) –


St Anthony’s Monastery:

The Divine Liturgies Music Project - http://stanthonysmonastery.org/music/Index.html

Free Byzantine Music Fonts - http://www.stanthonysmonastery.org/music/ByzMusicFonts.zip

50 Rules of Byzantine Music Orthography - http://www.stanthonysmonastery.org/music/ByzOrthography.pdf

Axion estin Radio – http://www.axionestin.org

Bambinis, Fr Thomas: Byzantine music - http://www.parembasis.gr/2000/00_12_16.htm

Byzantine music history - http://www.slider.com/enc/9000/Byzantine_music.htm

Byzantine music history -  http://www.geocities.com/byz_music/

Byzantine Musicology: Article by Georgios Stathopoulos - http://users.fth.sch.gr/sekyritsis/georgios_stathopoulos.htm

Byzantine and Palaeoslavonic Chant Notations [Annalisa Doneda, Università di Pavia - Facoltà di Musicologia (Italy)] - http://www.scribeserver.com/medieval/doneda.htm

Byzantine chant – www.goarch.org/access/byzantinemusic/

Byzantine chant – Psaltic Notes [excellent site by Fr Constantine Terzopoulos] – http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/frc/

Byzantine music links – http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/byzantium/byzmusic.html

Byzantine Chant Studies Page [Daniel Johnson]: includes much useful Byzantine material in English as PDF files – http://www.theologian.org/chant/

Byzantine chant Midis - http://www.theologian.org/choir.html

Byzantine chant audio files – http://www.cmkon.org/multimedia.htm

Byzantine chant audio files - http://www.ecclesia.gr/Multimedia/multimediaindex.html

Byzantine chant audio files [GOA site] - http://www.goarch.org/en/multimedia/audio/

Byzantine Tuning - http://www.travelling-crete.com/elkriti/byzant1.htm

First Byzantine Musicology Conference, Greece, 2000 –


Dimitri Conomos: Early Christian and Byzantine Music: History and Performance -  http://monachos.net/liturgics/chant_history.shtml

St Gregory Palamas Monastery [Fr Seraphim Dedes: downloadable chant transcriptions in Noteworthy format]  http://www.bright.net/~palamas/sgpmwb/index.html

GOA Learn to chant Sunday Orthos [Fr Seraphim Dedes] http://www.goarch.org/en/Chapel/chant.asp

Light of the East Internet Radio -  http://www.kelfar.net/orthodoxiaradio/

Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae – http://adam.igl.ku.dk/MMB

Arimathea Byzantine Chant page (David Melling) – http://www.church-music.co.uk

[These pages include many transcriptions and an entire printable manual on reading Byzantine chant.]

Stan Takis: Dowlnloadable PDF files of Byzantine music in Greek and English  - http://geocities.com/takistan

Electronic reading and writing of Byzantine music - http://www.cc.ece.ntua.gr/~achan/Biblio/Byzantine_Music.html

Houpas, D: From Byzantine to Western music (in Greek) - http://www.houpas.com/

Ionian University of Corfu: Traditional Greek Music Department - http://www.ionio.gr/~GreekMus/

Ioannidis, Nikolaos - Reconstructions of Ancient Greek music - http://homoecumenicus.com/ioannidis_music_ancient_greeks_greek.htm

Karas, Simon: audio clips - http://www.ecclesia.gr/Multimedia/Audio_Index/chanters/karas_en.html 

Kyriakopoulos, Fr C and Markos, K: Greek Traditional Music –


Montreal School of Byzantine chant - http://www.hyperlinx.net/~pavlos/montreal/main.html

Neobyzantine chant fonts – http://www.byzanmusic.com

Papadopoulos: History of Byzantine Music (published 1900) - http://www.myriobiblos.gr/texts/greek/papadopoulos_music.html

Procopiou, D.A: An Introduction to Byzantine music - http://www.procopiou.net/download/speech.txt 

Giannis Spirakis’s  Website on Byzantine Music - http://www.byzantine-musics.com/ 

Byzantine chant manuscripts from the Mount Athos Exhibition at Thessaloniki, 1997– http://www.culture.gr/2/21/218/218eu/e218eu00.html

Catalogue of manuscripts in the library of Philotheou Monastery, Mount Athos – http://abacus.bates.edu/~rallison/

18th Century Akathistos manuscript - http://www.culture.gr/2/21/218/218eu/e218eu9.html

Byzantine music manuscripts on Mount Athos: Digital Library  - http://www.mamdl.org/

Omilos Ellinikon Tekhnon (Association of Greek Arts) – www.oet.gr

Presvytera Katerina Sitaras Makiej’s Page - http://www.ancienthymns.com/

Touliatos, Doiane: The Status of Byzantine Music through the 21st century - http://www.geocities.com/hellenicmind/music21.html

Touliatos, Diane: Hellenism in Music - http://www.geocities.com/hellenicmind/diane.html

Velissarios, Gezerlis: ByzWriter 2.0 programme - http://cgi.di.uoa.gr/~gbelis/

Vourlis, A: Byzantine music as an educational means (in Greek) - http://www.cc.uoa.gr/theology/html/greek/pubs/systsec/vourlis/01/01.htm

Vyzantines Klimakes (Byzantine scales tuned electronically) - http://www.travelling-crete.com/elkriti/byzant.htm

Byzantine Chant Audio Clips and Downloads

Archdiocese of Crete - http://www.iak.gr/Greek/main.htm

Byzantine carols (Kalanda) - http://www.imkby.gr/christmas/carols/bizantina.htm

Byzantine chant downloads - http://www.geocities.com/day8th/english/download.htm

Byzantine chant clips (various traditions) - http://web.sbu.edu/theology/bychkov/ison.html

Byzantine chant recordings from the 1930s (Melpo Merlie) - http://www.anet.gr/edo/ANYMNIS/ANYMNIS_DEL2_GR.HTM

Byzantine chant: Troparia of the Resurrection sung in Spanish, with texts (Arzobispado Ortodoxo de Chile – Patriarcado de Antioquia) - http://www.chileortodoxo.com/troparios.htm

Church of Greece - http://www.ecclesia.gr/Multimedia/Audio_Index/audioindex_en.html

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America - http://www.goarch.org/en/multimedia/audio/

Hymns for Holy Week and Easter  -


Iakovos Nafpliotis, K. Priggos, Stanitsas, etc. - http://www.houpas.com/archive.htm

Karas, Simon  - http://www.ecclesia.gr/Multimedia/Audio_Index/chanters/karas_en.html

The Maistores sing music by Gregorios   


Romanou, Kaiti - http://www.musicology.gr/basic/authorsgr/romanou.html

St Spyridon church streaming audio- http://www.saintspyridon.org/sounds.htm

Byzantine Choir of Volos (M. Meletis)  - http://www.apostoliki-diakonia.gr/multimedia/


Xenophone records - http://www.xenophone.com/records/byzantina.htm


Selections from the Divine Liturgy in English [Fr Frank Marangos] -  http://www.frfrank.addr.com/av.htm


Vyzantinon Melos – http://www.ec-patr.net


Russian chant traditions

Holy Cross Kliros (musical web project of the Hermitage of the Holy Cross) –


http://www.holycrosskliros.org New!


Podoben [Vast collection of scores, in English and Slavonic] http://www.podoben.com

Russian Orthodox Church Music - http://www.russia-in-us.com/Music/Church/

Russian Orthodox Church Music  - http://www.seminaria.ru/notes/notes.htm

Russian Orthodox Church Music [Finale and Midi files, extremely slow to load] – http://poltavadu.narod.ru/not.htm

Russian Orthodox Church Music [Encore and Finale Zip files] – http://www.irs.ru/~james

Russian Orthodox Church Music [Tarakanov: many zip files] – http://notes.tarakanov.net/sacred.htm

Russian Orthodox Church Music [MP3 files and Sibelius format downloads] – http://liturgy.ru/sib

Russian Orthodox Church Music [Alexander Ledkovsky: Scores in PDF format from the library of the Synod Cathedral Choir] – http://www.rocm.org

Russian Orthodox Church Music [Pravoslavny Kliros – scores in PDF format from St Vladimir's Monastery, Ukraine] - http://www.monkhood.narod.ru/kliros.html

Russian Orthodox Church Music [Scores in TIF format] – http://www.kis.ru/~mahnev/list.htm

Russian Orthodox Church Music (English arrangements of Russian Liturgical music in PDF format.  Of particular interest is a growing collection of stichera for feasts arranged to the Russian Podoben melodies) - http://music.russianorthodox-stl.org New!


Vladimir Mazevich's "Malen'ky Kliros" site: fascinating collection of downloadable scores in Noteworthy format

[NB: you will need Noteworthy Reader to see these if you do not have the full version; you will also need to download Izhitsa and Irmologion Cyrillic fonts – See below under Language.] - http://vovsite.narod.ru

Muzyka Diaspor [downloadable zipped TIF format scores] - http://www.music.diaspora.ru/notes/alphabet/k.shtml

Trio: Scores and liturgical texts - http://m82.ipmce.ru/trio/

Maksim Berezovsky Site [scores in pdf format] - http://berezmusic.narod.ru/notes.html

Obikhod Zip files – http://www.sampo.karelia.ru/~iessey/ieroe.html

Michael Duke’s collection of downloadable scores [much unusual repertoire] – http://saintmichaels.info/music

Matthias Wilke’s site with downloadable scores in PDF format - http://me.in-berlin.de/~viola/Download/

Krylóshanin site [much Valaam chant] – http://kryloshanin.narod.ru

Kurt Sander’s Orthodox Choral Music page –


Music by Denis Buryakov – http://musiclib.mmv.ru

Music by Vladimir Fayner -  http://www.fainer.com.ua New!

Music by Vladimir Kovaldzhi – http://kanal.narod.ru/vk/frames.html

Music by Pavel Pavlovich Morozov – http://morozovp.boom.ru/Data/Start.htm

Music by S. Tolstakulakov - http://www.nvkz.kuzbass.net/p-vesti/hor/notes/notes1_e.htm

Music library site with small sacred music section – http://nlib.narod.ru/index.html

Vast collection of troparia and kontakia – http://troparion.narod.ru/index.htm

Podoben site: Score downloads in English – www.podoben.com

St Romanos the Melodist Society - http://www.saintromanos.org/

Old Slavonic manuscripts – Hilandar Research Library, Ohio – http://cmrs.osu.edu/rcmss/

Obshtezhitie [Ralph Cleminson] – http://www.ceu.hu/medstud/ralph/obsht.htm

History of Znamenny chant [Dawn Gauthier] – http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/4612/znamenny.htm

An Outline History of Russian Sacred Music [Ivan Moody] - http://members.lycos.co.uk/ivanmoody/articles.russiansacredmusic.htm

Slavonic Liturgical Resources – http://www.troparion.narod.ru

OCA Liturgical Music Page [Downloadable troparia and kontakia in English] –


Akathist of Thanksgiving (Fr Gregory Petrov) CD recording sung with Little Compline in English –



Russian Chant Audio Clips and Downloads

Russian Orthodox Church Music [Finale and Midi files, extremely slow to load] – http://poltavadu.narod.ru/not.htm

Russian Orthodox Church Music [MP3 files and Sibelius format downloads] – http://liturgy.ru/sib and http://en.liturgy.ru/zvuk/index.php

Russian chant – Valaam Monastery: Real Audio clips - http://www.voskres.ru/pesni/music/brval.htm

Russian liturgical music MP3s: an extensive collection – http://www.liturgy.ru/zvuk/

Russian Audio File Downloads - http://blagovest.org.ru/modules/audio/viewcat.php?cid=7


Russian Audio File Downloads -  http://biblion.realin.ru/listing/?path=audio (If you receive an “invalid file” message while attempting to download, go back by means of the audio button [not by the browser’s “back” button] and download should then proceed with no problem.)


Russian Audio File Downloads - http://www.lestvitsa-orthodox.dp.ua/mp3.php.

Chants for the Annunciation MP3 format - http://www.rus-sky.org/deisus/eng/s3.htm

Various soundclips – http://orthotracts.org/musicpage.html

Recordings by the Choir of St Seraphim of Sarov Church, Santa Rosa – http://www.glendi.net/cd/

Selections from the Divine Liturgy http://www.byzantines.net/realaudio/


Selections from the Divine Liturgy from St Elias Ukrainian Greek Catholic parish, Toronto -




Other services from St Elias - http://www.saintelias.com/Music/Music/Music.html



Other Slavic chant traditions

Carpatho-Russian chant sound files - http://www.acrod.org/music.html

Prostopinije Chant – http://www.carpatho-rusyn.org/spirit/chant.htm

Ruthenian Chant - http://www.patronagechurch.com/PDF/Prostopinije/prostopinije_index.htm

Metropolitan Cantor Institute of the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh -  www.metropolitancantorinstitute.org

Vox Bulgarica Music Publishing – http://www.voxbulgar.com

Bulgarian Byzantine chant recordings  - http://www.balkanfolk.com/cd_081200

Serbian music clips – http://www.serbianorthodoxchurch.net/music/

Serbian music clips -  http://www.sv-luka.org/chants/index.html

Moisey Petrovich Choir (Serbia)  - http://moiseypetrovich.freeservers.com/weben.html

Vox Serbicus Serbian music clips, scores and articles – http://www.spdnz.org

Nikola Resanovic’s arrangements of Serbian chant in English – http://www.nikolaresanovic.com/

Serbian chant for Matins & Vespers - http://www.svetosavlje.org/pojanje/jdngls.htm

Serbian Liturgy music -


Serbian scores - http://www.sv-djordje.co.sr/

Arrangements of Obikhod, Carpatho-Rusyn, Galician and other chants by Sloan Rolando – http://www.geocities.com/unmercenary/index.html

Liturgical MP3s from Slovakia – http://grkat.nfo.sk/hudba/index.html

Liturgical MP3s from Bulgaria and Armenia - http://www.iccs.bas.bg/music/gega/songs.html

Sotir Golabovksi’s research on Macedonian chant ADD - http://www.mmc.edu.mk/Londonconfe/Roza.htm

Edition of Vedel’s Sacred works - http://ecn.ab.ca/ukraine/vedel.html

Spanish Orthodox church, Serbian Patriarcate [includes MP3 files] -  www.iglesiaortodoxa.es


Romanian Chant

Centrul de Studii Bizantine Iasi [includes the journal Acta Musicae Bizantinae and details of other publications] – http://www.csbi.ro/gb/index.html

Liturgical MP3s, of Romanian chant and also chant from a number of other traditions – http://www.ortodoxism.ro/Muzica.shtml

Romanian Chant – Many MP3 audio files from various choirs (click “Cant Bizantin”) - http://www.resurse-ortodoxe.com/ 

Sound clips – http://Biserica.org

Romanian Colinde MP3s - http://www.crestinism-ortodox.ro/html/09/9d_colinde.html


Georgian Chant

Georgian sacred and ritual music: History and tradition – http://www.angelfire.com/ga/Georgian/music.html

Georgian music Midis and MP3s - http://sisauri.tripod.com/audio/real.htm

Georgian chant MP3s (listed in Georgian only) - http://orthodoxy.wanex.net/galoba.php

Informative page about Georgian music - http://www.argosoft.com/kavkasia/album2/intro.htm

Georgian polyphony: extensive site, still under construction - http://www.polyphony.ge/en/homepage/home.php


Armenian Chant

Armenian music page - http://www.hyeetch.nareg.com.au/culture/music_p2.html

Christianity and Armenian Culture: Music - http://www.armeniafest.com/history/armenian_culture_music.html

Sacred Music in the Armenian Church (includes Music of the Badarak, with MP3 files, liturgical commentary, texts and much else) - http://www.armenianchurch.org/worship/music/music.html

Komitas page including his autobiography - http://15levels.com/24.April/html/komitas.html

Armenia: Sacred Choral Music [discs] - http://www.medieval.org/emfaq/cds/clt13115.htm

Armenia Music Guide - http://www.furious.com/perfect/armenia.html

Unesco Collection of Music of the World: Armenia –


Parseghian Records - http://www.parseghianrecords.com/


Syrian Chant

Soeur Marie Keyrouz - http://www.keyrouz.com/

Syrian Arab Byzantine chant clips  - http://www.stgeorgesyria.org/

Syrian chant -  http://sor.cua.edu/BethGazo/index.html

Syrian Liturgical chant - http://www.malabar.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/liturgy.htm


Coptic Chant

Coptic Music Audio Files http://st-takla.org/Multimedia/_Multimedia-index.html

Coptic site including Psalmody of the Midnight Praises in English [St. Anthony Monastery in California] – http://tasbeha.org/

Coptic Liturgy of St Gregory (mostly in English) -



Agpeya chanted in English - http://www.agpeya.org/Chanting_the_Agpeya/chanting_the_agpeya.html


Vespers Praises - http://www.stgeorgejc.org/service/vesper.htm  Includes text, in English, displayed in English in flash movie format.


Ethiopian Chant

Ethiopian Liturgy – MP3 files and PDF file of Amharic Hymn Book - http://ethiopianorthodox.org/music/songs.htm


St Raphael of Brooklyn

Reader Andrew Moulton’s very complete site for St Raphael of Brooklyn - http://www.angelfire.com/pa3/straphaelcanonized/



Eastern Orthodox Liturgics: Chant development – http://www.liturgica.com/html/litEOLitMusDev.jsp

Otherwordly Music [audio clips] - http://www.stinnocent.com/seraphim/music.htm

"Texts for the Study of Music and Song in the History of Orthodox Liturgical Worship" by David Drillock - http://www.jacwell.org/Liturgical%20Music/texts_for_the_study_of_music_and.htm

The PSALM site - http://www.orthodoxpsalm.org/

The Tuning Fork: A Newsletter for the Orthodox Church Sinher - http://www.jacwell.org/the_tuning_fork/issue_1.htm

"Words and Music in Orthodox Worship" - http://www.liturgica.com/html/litEOLitMusDev3.jsp


Choirs, Ensembles and Chanters

Choirs and Ensembles

Association of Armenian Church Choirs of America - http://www.sograd.com/aacca/

Australian Byzantine Choir  - http://www.members.optushome.com.au/icxcnika/abc.htm

Cappella Romana - http://www.cappellaromana.org/frames1.htm

Chanter's association of Messologi, Greece - http://www.i-m-patron.gr/a.anthimos/

Deisus Male Voice Choir - http://www.rus-sky.org/deisus/

Greek Byzantine Choir – http://www.cs.duke.edu/~mgl/gbc/

Choir of George Kakoulidis - http://www.byzantinemusic.gr/

Holy Myrrhbearers Women's Choir – http://www.womenschoir.org

Komitas Chamber Choir - http://www.armenianchurch.org/worship/music/komitas.html

The Kyiv Chamber Choir - http://www.cck.kiev.ua/en/cd.htm

The Maistores - http://www.apostoliki-diakonia.gr/multimedia/psalate_synetos/psalate_synetos.html

Middlebury Russian Choir - http://community.middlebury.edu/~moss/MRC.html

Makell's Voices - http://www.csd.auth.gr/~dpolitis/Byzantine_music/default.html

Musicus Bornianskii - http://www.musicusbortnianskii.com

Rossica Choir - http://rossica.8m.com/

Russian Patriarchate Choir - http://www.grindenko.com/index1.html

Slavyanka – http://www.slavyanka.org/index.html

South Australia Byzantine choir  - http://home.it.net.au/~jgrapsas/pages/choir.htm


Spirit of Orthodoxy  - http://www.spiritoforthodoxy.com


St Sergius of Radonezh Parish Choir (Parma, Ohio) - http://www.st-sergius.org/choir.html New!


Georgian Choir of Tbilisi - http://www.prus.pl/ortho/main.html


The Rustavi Choir - http://imusic.artistdirect.com/showcase/contemporary/rustavichoir.html


Kostas Zorbas & Choir - http://www.zorba-music.gr/





Arvanitis, Ioannis: Personal profile - http://members.lycos.co.uk/ivanmoody/arvanitis.htm

Bogdanopoulos, Ilias - http://www.bogdanopoulos.net/hymns/index.htm

Fortomas, Pavlos - http://www.fortomas.gr/

Kallinikos, Theodoulos (Cyprus) - http://www.avacom.net/music/kallinikos.html

Keyrouz, Soeur Marie - http://www.keyrouz.com/

Makiej, Presvitera Katerina (Byzantine music in English) - http://www.ancienthymns.com/

Panas, Konstantinos  - http://www.i-m-patron.gr/keimena/afieroma_panas.html

Taliadoros, Charilaos - http://www.parembasis.gr/1998/98_01_17.htm

Vasilikos, Theodoros - http://www.oud.gr/basilikos.htm

Chanters’ association of Messologi - http://www.i-m-patron.gr/a.anthimos/



Blagovest Bells – www.russianbells.com

Michele E. Prokopchak: The Bells of Russia - www.cs.yale.edu/~douglas-craig/bells/Basic/zvons.html

Russian bells - www.kolokola.ru/

The Bell Museum http://eng.novgorod-museum.ru/museums/fil/valdai.shtml

The Lowell House bells [17 Russian bells] http://lowell.student.harvard.edu/Bells/

Article on Russian bells - www.nytimes.com/learning/students/pop/012600russia-bells.html

Kolokola - http://www.struggler.org/kolokola.html

Index relating to carillons and other tower bells, including Zvons - http://www.gcna.org/data/Data_Top.html



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