This page is a collection of links to various kinds of resources for those with bilingual children or interested in the phenomena of bilingualism and multilingualism generally. It is my intention to expand the list to be as comprehensive as possible.


 General Resources

The Bilingual Pages – excellent resources -

Bilingual Families Webpage -

Bilingual Supplies (a huge and helpful catalogue of resources) -

The Bilingual Site -

Index of Bilingual Resources -

Multilingual Munchkins – many resources for parents bringing their children up with more than one language.-

Bilingualism Database -

Bilingualism FAQ -

Bilingual Mailing Lists and Fora -

Bilingual Education Reasources on the Internet -

Information on Bilingualism: links -

Culture Bytes: site for multicultural families –

It’s International: Culture -

Vocabulary and Conjugation –  New


Academic Resources

Bilingualism Study Group, University of Miami -

Bilingualism and Speech therapy -

Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm University -

The Effectiveness of Bilingual Education -

ERIC Digests on Bilingual Education -

A Global Perspective on Bilingualismn by G. Richard Tucker -

Information on Bilingualism: links -

International Journal of Bilingualism -

Language, Literature and Culture -

Language and Cognitive Processing Laboratory -

The Multilingual Mind -

What Teachers need to know about Language -


Resources on Specific Topics

Bilingualism and ESL -

Bilingual Parenting in a Foreign Language -

Bilingualism and supposed delay in speaking -

The International Couples Homepage -

Myths about Bilingualism -

The Politics of Bilingualism - -


Educational Resources


A Double Life: Raising Bilingual Children, by Robert Henderson -

Bilingual Babies -

Bilingual and Multilingual Children -

Bilingual Kids Network -

Bilingualism and supposed delay in speaking -

Bilingual Parenting in a Foreign Language -

Child Bilingualism: Bibliography -

Children and Bilingualism –

Children and Bilingualism –

Another link -

Children and reading -

A Idade e o Aprendizado de Línguas -

Enfants Bilingues (French, with some English and German) –

Hortencia Kayser: Interviewing Bilingual Parents –

The Joys of Bilingualism -

Language Acquisition and Suntractive Bilingualism -

Language learning and the developing brain –

Learning a Second Language -

Jill Metzler: Raising Children Bilingually -

Selecting Multicultural Literature -

Teaching Kids to Speak – in Two Languages –

Annick De Houwer: Two or More Languages in Early Childhood –

What can parents do to facilitate their child’s bilingualism? -


Miscellaneous Resources

Children’s Songs and Games in Latin, German and Spanish -

Comptines, Chansons et Poesies -

Baby vocabulary -

Animal sounds in various languages –

Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes -

Language Education -

A Non-native speakers’ Guide to Toddler-English -

Partners in Excellence: Moving languages education forward -

Worksheets - Free, printabke worksheets in various languages -



Bilingual Supplies (a huge and helpful catalogue of resources) -

Living Books: Interactive CD Roms -

Multilingual Munchkins – many resources for parents bringing their children up with more than one language.-

Schoenhof’s Foreign Books -

Sound Beginnings Children’s language tapes -

World of Reading Ltd -

Schoolzone: has worksheets, information and links -

Clickteaching: includes worksheets and stories toprint out -

Site with SATS past papers -


Language Camps

Concordia Language Villages -

Kansas Wesleyan Language Camps -

Language Camps for Children – a searchable directory -


Specific Languages

The Alphabet in English, French and Spanish: Free software -,,43739,.html

Learning Arabic -

Learn Dutch -

Dubbelop: Dutch bilingual website –

English as a Foreign Language -

French Grammar -

Débrouillards (in French) -

J’apprends avec les animaux -

Val’s Basic French -

Allemand et Informatique pour Apprenants et Enseignants -

German bilingual site –

German language homepage for Germans abroad –

For German Speakers in the USA -

Bilingual Hebrew Forum -

Hebrew for me -

Italian for Children -

Découvrez l’italien en vous amusant -

Japan Association for Language Teaching Bilingualism Page –

Kidsweb Japan -

Kid’s Window Japanese -

Spanish vocabulary (online Spanish Tutorial) -

Stories of Merpy in both English and Spanish -

A Swedish Language Course -

Greetings in More than 800 Languages -

Say Hello to the World -

Sounds of the World’s Animals -

The World’s Top Twenty Spoken Languages -



Personal Pages

Beichen’s Bilingual programme -

Raising our Kids bilingually -

Danish/English homepage by Danish/Faroese family –


Discussion Groups

English-Italian bilingual children -

Bilingual Mailing Lists and Fora -

ImF-Familienkontakt-Forum (German messageboard) –



An astounding resource for online dictionaries -

Cambridge Dictionaries Online -

One Look Dictionaries -

Links to online dictionaries, of particular interest for Iberian languages -

Travlang Translating Dictionaries -





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